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Optical inspection and sorting machine – Glass disk

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Glass disk Introduction –

This non-contact inspection & automatic sorting machine has been designed keeping customers specific requirements in mind. Considering range of components and parts delicacy we are offering a solution that has high output along with gentle handling system for minimal damage to the product. Minimum changeover between components that are different in size and shape. Our experience with image processing and specially crafted algorithms combinedly presents a unique sophisticated vision software to give output of 100% zero defect product. Typical projects start with an evaluation of the vision parameters in order to provide a complete solution.

Our vision inspection, measurement and automatic sorting machine:

  • Delivers accurate results with simplicity, making it a cost-effective automated vision inspection system
  • Ideal for auto sorting of production inspection, small precision parts, machined parts & expansion of the throughput
  • Impressive repeatability and reproducibility starting from ± 10 μm; helps delivering extreme precise results
  • Fast measurement & analysis time, that is up to 10 parts per second

Can inspect: -

  • Precision machine parts
  • Turned components
  • Precision brass components
  • Precision automotive components
  • Fasteners
  • Plastic & Rubber Parts

Inspection criteria:

Dimensions: -

  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter,
  • Angle
  • Height
  • metrological parameters

Surface defects: -

scratch and dent detection, scratch and dent detection, colour detection, texture verification, surface deformities detection

Other: -

Operation missing, absence/presence verification, tear and hole detection, OCR-OCV

Key Features: -

  • Fully automatic test with objective and repeatable high precision measures for all part from ± 10 μm
  • Up to 6 Cameras can be integrated in 1 system
  • Fast measurement & analysis time that is up to 10 parts per second
  • Report such as Daily & Monthly Productivity, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and customer specific customized reports
  • Fast and easy update of all international standards through Teleservice
  • Have a longer optical working distance (i.e. more clearance between the part and the lens)
  • Simple and user-friendly teaching and operating system
  • Very low maintenance