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Vision Gauge

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Vision Gauge Introduction:

The vision gauge is low cost, precision measurement system designed for shop floor application like: - first piece inspection, Inward inspection, Final inspection. Vision Gauge is best option for replacement of conventional measuring equipment’s and does not required skilled operator to measure n no. of dimensions.
Vision Gauge allow you to inspect your product quickly, accurately and reliably. Due to simple and a full featured set of inspection tools an operator can teach part and operate it effectively at any time.

Inspection criteria of outer profile:

  • OD
  • Step OD
  • Step height
  • Total Height
  • Groove width
  • chamfer Angle
  • chamfer width
  • Thread: minor diameter
  • major diameter thread angle
  • Radius

Vision gauge can inspect:

  • Precision machined parts
  • Turned components
  • Precision brass components
  • Automotive components
  • Small Plastic parts
  • Rubber components

Application area:

  • Inward inspection of components/parts
  • First piece approval
  • Sample part inspection
  • In process dimensional measurement of CNC parts
  • Final inspection
  • Dimension report for sample parts

Key Features:

  • Helps to achieve zero defect product
  • Accuracy start from ± 2 μm
  • Can check 25 dimensions within fraction of second
  • Improve productive and quality with a single machine.
  • Have a smaller footprint and use less floor space
  • Can be moved much more easily.
  • Easy to teach and operate.
  • Automatic data report such as Daily & Monthly Productivity and Static process control, CPCPK report.