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The vision gauge is low cost, precision measurement system designed for shop floor application

Vision Gauge

Vision Gauge allow you to inspect your product quickly, accurately and reliably.

Delivers accurate results with simplicity, making it a cost-effective automated vision inspection system

Optical inspection and sorting machine – Glass disk

Ideal for auto sorting of production inspection, small precision parts, machined parts & expansion of the throughput

Fasteners Inspection and Sorting system is high speed, highly precise measurements

Optical inspection and sorting machine – Metal disk

Vision Inspection systems can perform repetitive tasks faster, more accurately, & with greater consistency over time than humans.

We offer a fully automatic inspection system that is designed for O-rings

Optical inspection and sorting machine – O ring

O-ring Sorter is designed for the visual inspection of small-dimensioned moulded Rubber O-rings & plastic parts.

Using gravity to handle the part during inspection introducing the variable parameter to the inspection process.

Gravity Feed

Tube product such as Pin and Stud, Piston rod, Rod.

With our in-house software , design and manufacturing facility, Varad work closely with customers to assess

Special Purpose vision Inspection Machine

The bespoke machines are custom built and automated to meet your needs on specified machine capabilities

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Welcome to Varad Automation & Robotics Pvt Ltd

Varad Automation and Robotics Pvt. Ltd., operating under the brand name of Visimaster, is one of the leading manufactures in India. Carrying out progressive research in the cutting-edge technology of machine vision system, we specialize in providing vision inspection machines, optical auto-sorting machines, vision-based special purpose machines.



Superior Efficiency : better human-machine collaboration
Increased Accuracy : Zero defect
Ease of Work : one-machine army
Validation : critical inspection
ProfitabiLity : Efficient return on investment
Reduced errors : Zero error
Business reputation: : Zero supply of defective products
Happy customers : Zero complaints
Highlight your business : Increase your presence with quality products





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I am pleased to welcome you to our website. The company is well known for various initiatives in Machine Vision Technologies.
The company has always seen product quality as first priority, thus, ensuring the customer satisfaction and after service and overall growth and development of the staff and company. Consistent efforts are made for bringing in top list in each thing that concerns the company. Research is one of the top-most priorities, because it is believed that generation of knowledge enriches us with freshness and empowers each individual to overcome obsolescence. However, since there is always scope for continuous improvement in the journey towards excellence, your valuable suggestions are solicited.

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