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Linear Pick & Place Machine

Linear Pick and Place Machine
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Linear Pick & Place Machine Introduction:

Key Features

  • Auto Sorting Machine
  • Multi-station Inspection
  • 3600 Visual Defects Detection
  • Parts with Multiple Sides can be inspected.
  • Can integrate Air Gauge & LASER Sensor for specific requirements.
  • All outer dimensions, ID, OD, Outer Thread Inspection

Can Inspect

  • Turned Precision Parts
  • Automotive Parts
  • Parts with Multiple Sides

Sample Parts

Sample Parts Linear Pick and Place Machine can inspect including Flange Bush, Sleeve, Spacer
Linear Pick and Place Machine can inspect sample parts including CNC Machining Parts, Automotive Parts

Inspection Parameters:

  • ID, OD, All outer dimensions, Outer Thread Inspection
  • Linear Dimensions along with 3600 GD&T Parameters.

Surface Defects: -

scratch detection, dent detection, burr detection, damage detection


Unit Type
ID Inspection
Camera (Side)
Side Dimension Inspection
Camera with Rotating Base (Side)
3600 Surface Inspection
LASER Marker
Marking on OK Parts