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Thru Scan Machine

Thru Scan Machine
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Thru Scan Machine Introduction:

Key Features

  • Detailed Dimensional Inspection.
  • Easy operation, Simple and user friendly teaching.
  • Prompt online support.
  • Less maintenance to zero maintenance.
  • High Expertise on Software Development.
  • Automatic and manual saving of data with Batch Wise Report and SPC Report.

Can Inspect

  • Axle
  • Plain Shaft
  • Cam Shaft & Crank Shaft

Sample Parts

Sample Parts inspected by 
  Thru Scan Machine including Plain Shaft, Cam Shaft, Crank Shaft, Axle
Thru Scan Machine Inspection parts including Axle, Step Shaft, Cam Shaft

Inspection Parameters:

  • OD
  • Step OD
  • Step height
  • Total Height
  • Groove width
  • Angle, Radius


  • Chamfer Angle
  • Chamfer width
  • Thread Minor Diameter, Thread Major Diameter
  • Thread Helix Angle, Thread PCD, Reverse Threads