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Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Inspection

Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Inspection
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Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Inspection Introduction:

Key Features

  • Manual as well as Auto loading systems.
  • Inspection Speed up to 500 PPM.
  • Thread Present/ Absent
  • Quantity wise separate OK Ejections
  • Detailed Dimensional & Surface Defects Inspection

Can Inspect

  • Precision machine parts
  • Turned components
  • Precision brass components
  • Precision automotive components

Sample Parts

Sample parts for Glass Disc Machine for Nuts including Square Nuts, Hex Nuts, Lock Nut, Flange Nuts, Crown Nuts
Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Sample Inspection parts including Stainless Steel Nuts, Metal Nuts, Hex Nuts, Fasteners

Inspection Parameters

Dimensions: -

  • Angle
  • Height
  • half thread
  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer Diameter,
  • metrological parameters
  • Across Flat
  • Across Corner
  • thread presence/ absence

Surface Defects

damage, thread damage, cut marks, scratch detection, dent detection, burr, crack, texture verification, surface deformities detection, colour detection


OCR-OCV, absence/presence verification, operation missing hole detection

Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Overview

The Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Inspection is a cutting-edge machine vision technology designed to inspect various types of nuts, including hex nuts, weld nuts, and square nuts. It is specifically developed to check for surface defects such as damage, thread damage, cracks, and other dimensional irregularities....

With both manual and auto loading systems, this machine offers high inspection speed up to 500 parts per minute (PPM). It enables detailed dimensional and surface defects inspection, ensuring the quality and integrity of precision machine parts, turned components, precision brass components, and precision automotive components.

The Glass Disc Machine for Nuts Inspection utilizes multiple cameras positioned strategically to perform different inspection operations. It checks parameters such as angle, height, half thread, inner diameter, outer diameter, and metrological parameters. The machine also detects surface defects like damage, cut marks, scratches, dents, burrs, cracks, texture verification, surface deformities, and color detection.

This advanced inspection system incorporates OCR-OCV capabilities for character recognition and absence/presence verification. It can identify missing holes and ensure all necessary operations are carried out accurately.

The glass disc machine operates at high speeds, allowing for quick and efficient inspection of a large number of nuts in a short amount of time. This enables high-throughput production and minimizes downtime. The machine is equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors that capture multiple images of the nuts from different angles as they pass through the inspection area. In cases when defects are identified, the glass disc machine can automatically sort and reject the not ok parts. This ensures that only the ok parts proceed further.


OD, ID Inspection
Side Dimension Inspection
Internal Thread Present/ Absent
Top Surface Defects
Bottom Surface Defects

* Repeatability will be measured on OD of Master Part.